WatchYouCheat – Better Her Than A Stranger – Katrina Colt, Kenna James

Free Porn Video feat. Katrina Colt & Kenna James
A girlfriend, Kenna James, is going to be working overseas for several months, and is progressive enough to want to give her long-term boyfriend, Ryan Driller, the opportunity to still have his sexual needs satisfied while she's gone. However, she would prefer that if they're going to open up their relationship, that he does it with someone she knows and trusts, rather than a total stranger. Kenna happens to know that Ryan has a physical attraction to her best friend, Katrina Colt, who also has had bad luck with scummy men in the recent past and has since soured on the dating scene. So Kenna decides that this is a perfect way to help BOTH of them get their needs met, in a safer and risk-free arrangement! But once they meet up, both Ryan and Katrina are a little uncertain of Kenna's suggestion. However, with Kenna's gentle coaxing and reassurance, they agree to give it a try. Kenna even offers to stick around for their first sexual encounter together, to act as an icebreaker and help them warm up to each other. To Kenna's delight, Ryan and Katrina agree, and now she can watch them in all their glory and be rest-assured that they're in each other's capable hands.