Two Brats Are Brattier Than One – Athena Heart, Lilly Jade – Brat Tamer

Free Porn Video feat. Athena Heart & Lilly Jade
Athena is a big-time brat, and her time for reform has come. Her behavior becomes an extreme issue when she's found stealing school money. Coach Charles is going to make sure Athena never steals again and swears to put an end to her bratty behavior. She consents to the Brat Tamer reform program and soon learns just how intense the program is. Charles smacks Athena's pussy and shows her no mercy. She's never had to submit to anyone like this before, and being more submissive is making her pussy extremely wet. She never knew there was this side of her lying dormant and waiting to be awakened. Charles brings the reform program to the next level when he introduces Lilly into the mix. She's also part of the Brat Tamer program, but she's much further along, and she knows what Charles is looking for in a girl. Lilly and Athena play with each other's pussies, and Charles gets his chance to fuck both of them. Athena's attitude quickly fades as Charles puts her in her place. She bounces up and down on his cock and lets him get deep inside of her until he pumps his load all over her. She still has some work to do, but Athena is well on her way to reformation.