The Tiniest, Horniest Spy – Emma Rosie – My Babysitters Club

Free Porn Video feat. Emma Rosie
Emma loves working for Charlotte and Danny. They're so kind to her, and she feels like a part of their family. But everything is not as it seems, and Charlotte worries that Danny is cheating, so she asks Emma to spy on Danny and report back to her. Emma is hesitant at first, but when she sees how distraught Charlotte is, she agrees to help. Things get intense when Danny notices Emma watching him in the shower. Emma reveals that she's spying on Charlotte's behalf, and when Danny learns that his wife thinks he's cheating, he decides to give her a real reason to believe that. Danny picks up Emma and eats her pussy. The tiny babysitter has never been lifted in such a way, nor has she ever been so turned on and filled with desire. She'd always wondered about her boss's cock, knowing Danny was probably hung, but now she actually gets to live out her fantasy, and everything is coming together right in front of her. Danny and Emma move to the bedroom, where Danny shows the petite chick how a big man fucks a tiny chick. Emma takes his dick like a champ, doing everything she can to fit his shafy down her throat. It's a tight squeeze, but she's no quitter and gets him all the way down. Danny fucks Emma's pink pussy hard, pummeling her into oblivion and tossing her around with ease. Danny fucks hard until he cums, coating Emma's mouth and lips with his hot sticky mess.