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TeenPies – You Should Have Known Better – Kimora Quin

Free Porn Video feat. Kimora Quin
When Mike learns that his daughter's best friend Kimora has been encouraging her daughter to have sex with no protection, he decides to confront her. Kimora feels guilty when he threatens her with not seeing her best friend again, so she begs Mike for forgiveness. Seeing an opportunity, Mike thinks this would be a good opportunity to educate Kimora on the risks of unprotected sex. The guy takes the petite girl to his room, strips her, and starts stimulating her pussy. Confused and aroused, Kimora plays along, feeling the warm sensation of an experienced man's fingers inside her pussy. Up next, Mike pulls out his big cock and fucks the girl's mouth. It's now time for him to pound the young cutie's pussy to teach her a lesson. Mike drills Kimora's cum hole while slapping her bombastic ass, building up to fill her with his man juice.