Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906291 – Runaway Babe – Vanessa Moon

Free Porn Video feat. Vanessa Moon
Vanessa had to run away from home after her dad married an awful woman that treated her like shit. She's been hiding away in the mall and stealing food to survive. Eventually, Officer Pounder catches her and takes her to his office for questioning. The guy sympathizes with the girl's tragic story, but he has to act accordingly and conduct a thorough cavity search. Plus, he has a soft spot for young girls with untouched pussies. After stripping her, the security guard buries his finger deep inside Vanessa's snatch, ensuring there's nothing concealed inside. Noticing how awkwardly aroused the girl is, he pushes harder, making Vanessa uncomfortable and hot at the same time. After the process is over, Will tells the girl that he has security footage of her stealing and she will have to face the consequences...unless she lets him do the cavity search once more with his cock. Vanessa feels equally disgusted and attracted to the idea, so she ends up accepting it. The officer pounds the young girl's pussy, enjoying the power he has over her.