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Seducing The Gatekeeper – Braylin Bailey – Pure Taboo

Free Porn Video feat. Braylin Bailey
Paul (Mickey Mod) is the parent of a young woman named Lily, and has agreed to pick up her belongings from her ex's apartment following a messy breakup. When he arrives, however, the ex, Jasmin (Braylin Bailey) begins pleading with him to reveal Lily's new address. Since the breakup, Lily has cut off all means of communications, not giving Jasmin the chance to try and make amends. It's clear that Jasmin is possessive of Lily and not ready to let her go. But Paul remains calm and refuses to betray Lily, who wants nothing more to do with her volatile ex. When Jasmin starts pushing him more and more, clearly growing unstable, Paul tries to leave. However, Lily quickly changes tactics and stops him, trying to win him over instead with the promise of sex in return for Lily's whereabouts... With Lily throwing herself at him and stirring his primal desires, will Paul's loyalty to Lily's well-being waver?