Modern Day Sins

Pulling Up To Get Down – Liz Jordan – Modern Day Sins

Free Porn Video feat. Liz Jordan
Liz Jordan needs help setting up a door jamb pull-up bar, so she calls her sibling's best friend, Rocket Powers, to come help her install it. But as Rocket helps set it up, their bodies pressed close in the process, sparks fly between them. Rocket then offers to guide Liz through her first pull-up set, and they both grow even more aroused as he runs his hands along her hips and butt. Giving into temptation, they decide to fuck right then and there, leading to a sexy romp both on Liz's bed AND in her doorway. Rocket and Liz quickly put the new pull-up bar to the test, including having Liz hang from it as Rocket fucks her in mid-air. THIS is an exercise routine Liz could get used to!