No More Boys, Okay? – Cherry Kiss, Kiara Cole – DYKED

Free Porn Video feat. Cherry Kiss & Kiara Cole
Cherry learns that Kiara has been kissing boys in school, and it's becoming somewhat of an issue. Cherry addresses the issue straight up and confronts Kiara. Cherry isn't mad, she just wants to show Kiara that girls can have their own fun, and if she's feeling horny, she doesn't have to go to anyone but her. Kiara is stunned when Cherry starts kissing her. She never thought she'd be making out with her own stepmom, but here she was, pinning her to the bed, turning her on in all sorts of new ways. Cherry's fun isn't finished, and she wants to show Kiara just how much fun girls can have together. Cherry uses her experience as a milf to blow Kiara's mind. Cherry has a lot more experience, and she shows it. Kiara now knows she doesn't need anybody but her horny, kinky stepmom to have a good time.