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Neighbor to the Rescue – Cubbi Thompson – Caught Fapping

Free Porn Video feat. Cubbi Thompson
Chad Alva is as helpful a neighbor as one could possibly ask for. He's always on the lookout for ways to keep the neighborhood safe and help out his fellow homeowners if they're in need of assistance. So when he hears his neighbor, Cubbi Thompson, moaning urgently... he decides that the best thing to do is rush into her house to rescue her! But when Chad rushes up to Cubbi's bedroom, he is shocked to discover that she isn't in distress at all... she's just FAPPING! Chad is severely apologetic, explaining that since he heard her moaning, he just assumed she needed help. Cubbi's amused by Chad's misguided chivalry... and tells him that while he's here, maybe he'd be willing to help her in some OTHER way... by using his dick to help her finish what she started!