FreeuseFantasy – Mocktails & Fucktails – Addison Vodka, Venus Vixen

Free Porn Video feat. Addison Vodka & Venus Vixen
Best friends Addison and Venus got hired as bartenders at a local restaurant, but they quickly realize they know nothing about making mocktails. Luckily, Venus’ stepbrother Nicky comes to the rescue. The guy is a pro, offering advice while feeling the girls’ bootylicious bodies. He knows that it is all about tips, so he practices some roleplay with Addison and Venus to ensure they are ready for the job. The girls prove to be an expert in customer service, sucking Nicky’s cock while catering to his needs. Finally, Nicky puts the soon-to-barwomen to a last test while fucking their pussies, and the girls really nail it, making Nicky feel proud.