FamilyStrokes – A Dick a Day Keeps Chastity Away – Freya Von Doom, Misty Meaner

Free Porn Video feat. Freya von Doom & Misty Meaner
Freya's stepparents, Misty and Tony, have an issue they can't seem to solve. They've never known a girl quite as horny as Freya. Every day, she's fucking or sucking something new. Nothing seems to satiate her high sex drive, and it's driving Misty and Tony up a wall. While home alone, Freya attaches a big black dildo to the bottom of her skateboard and starts riding the naughty toy. She's been wet all day just thinking about going home and playing with her pussy. Freya rides the fake cock and plays with her tits, enjoying this spicy moment to herself. But during her playtime, Misty and Tony come home and catch her. They are shocked and appalled. It's a little fucked up, but seeing his stepdaughter's dripping wet pussy turns Tony on, though he can't admit that to his wife and stepdaughter. However, the situation calls for a solution. Misty has had it with Freya's constant sexual antics and wants to put it to an end - the proposed fix? A chastity belt to keep any and everything away from Freya's vag. Freya is furious but submits to Misty's new no-sex law. Though if she can't use her pussy to play around, why not use her mouth? While Misty and Tony sit at the table, Freya crawls underneath and starts playing with her stepdaddy's cock. Tony is caught off guard and tries to shoo Freya away, but it's too late - he's as hard as a rock, and all he wants to do is get his cock sucked. Freya happily obliges and fills her mouth up with his shaft, pumping her throat with every inch he has to offer. Freya wants the key to her belt so they can keep the fun going. Unable to resist, Tony unlocks his stepdaughter's chastity belt while Misty is in the kitchen. Freya eagerly climbs up on her stepdaddy's lap so she can ride his throbbing cock. The risk of getting caught is immensely high, but the sex is too good to care. It's the freakiest and most deviant thing Freya has done yet, and that excites her beyond anything else. When Misty does catch Tony and Freya fucking, she once again lays down her iron fist, but this time, she's going to teach Freya a lesson herself. The milf shows Freya how kinky sex is really done, and if Freya is so horny, she can fuck around with both her stepdad and her stepmom at the same time. This takes the sex sesh over the top, and what was a raunchy fling between stepdaughter and stepdad is now a full-blown stepfamily threesome. Misty's big milf tits and her fantastic curves are the perfect counterpoint to Freya's petite physique. The two together are what dreams are made of, and lucky Tony gets to fuck them both. Tony pushes Misty to the point of squirting all over the room, and the stepfamily tries every position they can think of. Tony can't hold his load any longer and wants to pump his cum all over his stepdaughter's sweet face. Freya gets a massive coat of white, sticky cum all over her, and Misty helps clean it up with her tongue. Though this was not the solution Misty had in mind, it looks like it could be the start of many fun stepfamily fuck sessions!