DYKED – Ms. Behave – Celestina Blooms, Mia Molotov, Olive Glass

Free Porn Video feat. Celestina Blooms & Mia Molotov
Ms. Olive Glass finds out that two of her students, Mia and Celestia, are skipping classes and acting out. To control their behavior, Mrs. Glass tells them to meet her after school at her house for a private lesson. Little do they know that Ms. Glass is going to give them a rough lesson. When the girls try to defy her authority, Olive recurs to more traditional school punishments, but with a horny lesbic twist. Celestina and Mia find themselves both afraid and attracted to their teacher's sadistic side as they end up tied down and fondled. When they are finally free and with the lesson learned, the girls just don't want to go before tasting Ms. Glass' pussy and enjoying a triple sixty-nine together.