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DigitalPlayground – Cards on the Table – Episode 1 – Erotic Medusa, Gizelle Blanco

Free Porn Video feat. Erotic Medusa & Gizelle Blanco
New waitress Wendy (Lily Bell) gets an up-close look at the bright lights and the dark underside of the casino when her boss sends her to wait on VIP Jack Staal (Mick Blue). Jack keeps his cool even when being accused of cheating with a gun in his face, then follows Wendy back to the high roller suite, where his crew are watching dancers Cece (Gizelle Blanco) and Jade (Erotic Medusa) put on a sexy show. The girls wait while the men play cards, and then Jack bends them over the table and fucks them on the green felt. After Jade and Cece share his cock and his load, Jack gets a call from the casino owner. Time to make some money!