Cheating Sis

CheatingSis – Do You Want to Watch Me Get Naughty – S2:E5 – Lana Smalls

Free Porn Video feat. Lana Smalls
Lana Smalls is really missing her stepbrother now that he's off at college. They keep their sexual relationship hot with video calls even from a distance. Today, Lana tries on bikinis for him to encourage him to jerk off with her. Things are just getting spicy when Lana's stepdad, Ken Feels, wanders in. He quickly realizes he shouldn't be there but Lana sees an opportunity. She maneuvers him into bed and coaxes a yes out of him as her lips wrap around his dick. Facing the camera at every opportunity, Lana rides her stepdaddy in reverse cowgirl and then on her knees. She leans forward over the bed so Ken can do her from behind and then lays on her back as he pounds her pussy until he has to pull out to cum on her. As Ken leaves the room, Lana turns back to her stepbrother and comments she should fuck on camera more often.