A Sight for Sore Eyes – Scarlett Rose, Selina Bentz – Step Siblings

Free Porn Video feat. Scarlett Rose & Selina Bentz
Scarlett and Selina are prank queen stepsisters who love pranking their stepdad, Peter, more than anyone else. The girls take their stepdad's glasses and decide to keep the prank going by swapping places - Selina will pretend to be Scarlett and vice versa. Peter knows all along what the girls are up to but doesn't let them know he's on to their tricks. Selina approaches Peter and he decides to play a little prank of his own. He pulls out his cock and pretends that he and Scarlett do this all the time. Selina doesn't want to break character, and she's also turned on by her stepdad's throbbing cock. Scarlett catches Selina sucking their stepdad's cock, and Peter makes Scarlett join them. The stepsisters get to work sucking their stepdad's dick before they get their pussies pounded. Peter fucks his naughty stepdaughters hard, filling up their pussies with every inch of his cock. When Peter busts his load, the girls swap his cum, loving how their prank turned out and hoping to mess around with their stepdaddy again soon.